Store Design


Ivar’s offers complete retail store design solutions for every-size of retail environment. Whether it is a remodel or new location, our experienced designers and engineers use state-of-the-art software to design your location.

You may choose from one of Ivar's preexisting and proven retail store designs or have our designers customize your retail store design to accommodate your specific retail needs, including custom displays, custom store fixtures, and equipment. Typically, we are able to produce an entire retail store design in weeks – not months. Contact our design specialists to begin designing your new or remodeled retail store.

Ivar's Display is a full service store fixture manufacturer and the one-stop source for all of your display fixture needs.
For over 50 years, Ivar's has provided all types of  display fixture products and services for multiple industries and all types of stores.
We have built long-term partnerships with specialty retailers of all kinds including:
Art Stores
Book Stores
Candy Stores
Card Stores
Christian Stores
Church Stores
Clothing Stores
College Stores
Computer Stores
Cook Shops
Convenience Stores
Educational Stores
Gift Stores
Gourmet Shops
Hardware Stores
Hobby Stores
Houseware Stores
Liquor Stores
Museum Stores
Music Stores
Optical Stores
Sporting Goods Stores
Stationery Stores
Sunglass Stores
Technology Stores
Toy Stores
Video Stores
Visitors Center Stores
Wine Stores
Many Others...