Project Management & Logistics


From one Display to Thousands, We are able to handle it all, from beginning to end.

Project management can seem overwhelming at times. Ivar’s Display specializes in handling your projects meeting your goals on time. We assign not only a primary project manager to each of your projects, we also have a team dedicated assistants assigned to each project manager to insure your project goes smoothly. While we have standards, and utilize best practices, we know that the key to a successfully project is being able to quickly react and adapt.


Our Project Managers handle every stage of your project which includes:

  • Design concepts
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Installation
  • Billing an Payments
  • ...anything else you need.

Ivar's Display Project Management
Life Cycle

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Performance/Monitoring
  • Closure