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Engineering & Prototyping - Ivars Display

Engineering and Prototyping are essential parts of even the smallest projects. At Ivar’s Display, we hold these two disciplines to a high standard as they are crucial for the entire process to be executed properly. Combining our advanced design capabilities with extremely fast execution, our design and prototype teams work with you and your teams to determine the best and most effective-looking display. We also take pride in keeping the project on time and within budget.


Unlike many fabrication shops that outsource critical components, we complete almost all our work at our own facility. That means our one-stop-shop
gives you extremely fast lead-times, leading customer support and fewer
surprises that almost always happen when fabricating components off-site.

Although we utilize 3D rendering and animations every day, sometimes 3D rendering isn’t enough to completely visualize the finished product. Prototyping is the only way to get your hands on it. Ivar’s Display can turn prototypes around in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or months. There’s simply no reason to waste time and expense by utilizing slower methods of prototyping.

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